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We are a foundation that promotes professional technical training in Switzerland.  Our mission is to further initial and advanced professional training in the technical domain in Switzerland, to lend support to schools that provide this training, in particular to those with a full-time student body.

Our foundation is constituted according to articles 80 et al of the Swiss Civil Code and carries the name « Fonds de la Fédération des écoles techniques », commonly known as « Fédération des Ecoles Techniques – FET ».  Its head office is in Neuchâtel.

We are actively involved in publishing technical reference manuals pertaining to professional vocational training (industrial arts U.S.A.).  We also participate in school exchange programs, including teacher exchange, through organizing meetings, idea exchanges on themes relating to professional training, course content, professional advanced courses, legislation and the organization of the schools.  The Federation also supports activities brought in by outside parties that have an interest in promoting professional technical studies in Switzerland.

A foundation council of 11 members that represent the principal schools in Western Switzerland runs the Technical Schools Federation (FET).  An FET office oversees the administration of the foundation’s current affairs and, when necessary, the activities of committees and sub-committees.

The council can form sub-committees to whom they can entrust with certain mandates or tasks in the various domains concerned in connection with its goals.  Such sub-committees are constituted in order to undertake either permanent functions or to execute mandates of a limited duration.

Historical Background

pdfStatutes of the foundation (in French)